Strictly the awe-inspiring

Here at Beyond Biking we aim to inspire bike enthusiasts to expand their horizons, because we know that there’s more to epic biking than the classic trans-Alps bike adventure. We’ve scoured the world to look for locations that will stir your imagination, with landscapes so dramatic you’ll think you’ve ventured to another planet. It all comes down to what we call the ‘wow factor’. While the locations will vary, first-class mountain biking is always the standard.

Canary Islands

The four-island trail

Get a taste of everything the ‘real’ Canary Islands has to offer. Hop between the green, black and golden wonders of the Islands. Absorb the surreal MTB playground : a cactus-spiked canvas of black lava, red-ochre deserts, flame-coloured mountains, neon green forests, and sugar-cube villages untouched by time.


the original amazigh trail

Follow in the footsteps of the Berbers and ride from deep in the High Atlas to the edge of the Sahara Desert. Get a taste of true freedom and enjoy traditional Berber hospitality on this real bike challenge.


the great alternative trail

Get Slovenia on your radar as a worldclass mountainbike destination. Embrace Europe’s most pristine adventure playground. From from the mighty Rocky mountains of the Karawanks and Julian Alps, to the emerald green Soča River, to the colourful Karst Wine area, to the Golden Island of Krk. Made for anyone who loves pure, rugged beauty and pure singletrack fun.


the best kept secret trail

Get in shape for our foodie mountain biking journey through this remarkable pocket of old Spain. Enjoy seemingly endless single tracks, the proud history and the sense of timelessness. One of the best rides you will never hear about.


the william wallace trail

Get ready for world-class mountain biking in the desolate beauty of the Scottish Highlands, combined with the very best of traditional Scottish cuisine. Scotland’s mysterious mountains, forests and moorlands will stir your imagination.


the seven kasbah trail

See the real Morocco in grand style on our luxury kasbah tour. Bike over cliffs, canyons, desert plains and palm oases and enjoy your daily post-ride massage therapy. Expand your bike horizons, start with Morocco.

Canary Islands

The three-island shortbike trail

Hop from island to island to experience the individual flavours of La Gracious, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, all in the space of 4 biking days. While tiny La Graciosa looks like a Bounty Island, Lanzarote feels like being on planet Mars, parts of Fuerteventura ressemble Morrocco. We’ll treat you with best foodie experience on the islands.



the mid-atlantic ridge trail

NEW Adventure available from spring 2019

Ride a magical experience that is difficult to describe in words. Expect jaw-dropping views that will make you feel like you’re on a alien film set. Discover the true soul of Icelandic cooking and with it, how fresh food should really taste.


the biker’s mecca trail

NEW Adventure available from spring 2019

Take a ride in the mountainbike mecca that is Utah, a must-do-once for every biker. Bike the four most famous loops in the south-west and experience old-fashioned outdoor cowboy cookin’. Celebrate your trip with a night out in Las Vegas.

NEW Adventure available from winter 2018


the outlaw trail

Take a ride on the wild side on our journey from the Sonoran Desert to Sedona, two natural wonders. Bike along towering red rocks and saguaro cacti under azure skies. Sleep in a guest ranch, meet real-life cowboys. Escape to sunny Arizona in winter.


The Altopiano trail

NEW Adventure available from autumn 2018

Pedal the plains of the Central Appenines surrounded by Mongolian-style landscapes. Bike through Italy’s wildest highlands, the Sibillini Mountains, Gran Sasso, and Majella, all the way to the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy Italian cuisine at its purest.


The Altopiano short bike trail

NEW Adventure available from Autumn 2018

Get surprised by a unique Alpine MTB adventure in the huge, high altitude prairies that lie between the 2000 metre-plus giants of the High Appenines. Wind your way through the wonderful Wild Heart of Italy, where hospitality meets gastronomy, history and scenery.

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