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Do you want to be a more confident biker? Go faster? Or maybe you just want to ride your bike down vertical descents without crashing? Either way, a few basic bike-handling skills will make your cycling holiday a much more pleasurable experience.

With this short film selection, we’ll get you started with some tips. Certainly, if you are a beginner, following these suggestions will instantly help give you better control of your bike on all types of terrain, thus improving your confidence.

Basic climbing skills

  1. Basic climbing technique
  2. The chest and nose technique for steep climbs
  3. How to climb uphill obstacles with the saddle-stop technique
  4. How to climb rocks steps
  5. Gear shifting for hills 1 & Gear shifting for hills 2

Basic downhill skills

  1. Correct body positioning
  2. Body positioning with World Champion Fabien Barel


  1. How to brake effectively
  2. Let it roll
  3. The emergency stop
  4. Basic braking tips with XC biker Sid Taberlay


  1. Basic cornering with World Champion Fabien Barel
  2. Faster cornering 1 & Faster cornering 2


  1. Vision – how to look ahead correctly
  2. Line choice with World Champion Fabien Barel

Steep slopes

  1. Better overdo the attack position
  2. How to ride basic switchbacks
  3. How to turn at steep switchbacks 1 & How to turn at steep switchbacks 2
  4. Rolling drop and flying drop with World Champion Fabien Barel
  5. Downhill steep steps

Obstacles & rock gardens

  1. How to ride over obstacles
  2. How to do a front wheel lift for an obstacle
  3. How to bunny hop
  4. How to ride rock gardens
  5. How to pump
Take your riding skills to the next level.
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