the mid-atlantic ridge trail


Iceland, not only topped National Geographic’s Ultimate Adventure Bucket List, but also named by Rough Guide as home to one of the "World’s Most Epic Cycle Routes".

65,000km, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the longest mountain range on earth, but as it is located underwater more than 90% of it remains hidden from view. There are only a few places on earth where it juts out from the ocean in the form of islands, and Iceland is one of them.

Beyond Biking designed a unique itinerary, linking five unmissable bike trails in Iceland’s south hinterland. Over seven action-packed days, you will bike through of the most famous landmarks in this land of fire and ice. This tour will take you along past erupting geysers, breathtaking glaciers, lush green farmland and miles of moss-covered, lava-hardened fields, all wrapped up in centuries-old Norse culture. Get ready for an awe-inspiring journey of real contrasts. Expect jaw-dropping views that will make you feel like you’re on a alien film set – no wonder they filmed the ‘Game of Thrones’ here.


TRAIL PART 1: Steam Valley of Reykjadalur (1 day)

Combining rolling hills and mossy lava fields with hot springs, bubbling mud pots and steaming fumaroles, single track terrain doesn’t get any more fun than this.

TRAIL PART 2: Fimmvörðuháls Pass (1 day)

A wild and dramatic ride to the wonders of Fimmvörðuháls, traversing the new lava fields from the 2010 eruption at Eyjafjallajökull. You bike through an highland pass between two ice caps world known for their volcanic activity : Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull. The highlight is the summit, 1100 metres up (after an 1000 elevation gain). From there, literally all downhill along the river canyon of Skógará, whit various waterfalls and river crossings.

TRAIL PART 3: Forgotten Craters of Laki (2 day)

Less traveled, only accesable with 4x4, and like nothing else. In 1783 the Laki fissure system, southwest of the Vatnajokull glacier, produced one of the largest lava flow eruptions in historic times. Biking trought these craters, surrounded by a thick carpet of green moss and black sand beaches, you will feel like an alien.

TRAIL PART 4: Eldgjá Canyon & Mælifellssandur Desert (2 days)

Eldgja is the largest volcanic canyon in the world, 270m deep, 600m at its widest and around 40 km long. Riding inside the gigantic Eldgjá volcanic canyon, and crossing the moonlike black desert of Mælifellssandur with views over Mýrdalsjokull Glacier, again, feels mighty unreal.

TRAIL PART 5: Fjallabak Highland Nature Reserve (2 days)

Iceland’s premium outdoor adventure area, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, is home to the largest range of rhyolite mountains in Iceland, ranging in colour from orange to pink to green. Fjallabak has also some of the greatest single track routes in Iceland, resplendent with steep climbs and descents. And you can take a dip in the hot springs.

Your accomodation in Iceland will vary from mountain huts situated in the middle of spectacular lava sculptures to a luxury wellness hotel with an award-winning seafood restaurant. But as with all Beyond Biking tours, spectacular locations with five-star views are guaranteed throughout. Every evening, after an exhilirating day of pedal pushing, you’ll be treated with the local cuisine Iceland has to offer, the freshiest and healthiest food on earth.

Be inspired by Iceland!

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