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Scotland was recently awarded ‘The World’s Top Mountain Bike Destination’ by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) for the second year running.

With over 11,000km of coastline, hundreds of little islands, majestic mountains, old Caledonian pine forests and not to mention, beautiful rivers and lochs, Scotland’s mysterious landscape offers top-class mountain biking. The unspoilt wilderness of the Scottish Highlands is particularly remarkable, and we’ve named this tour in honour of the famous Highland hero and Scottish patriot William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace.

This mountain bike trip traverses some of Scotland’s most dramatic scenery. It is ‘beyond unique’, since it adds an otherwordly spin to a coast-to-coast classic by including the Lord of the Rings-style landscapes of the Isle of Skye and the remote trails of the Torridon Mountains in the itinerary. Immerse yourself in the desolate beauty of the Scottish Highlands.


TRAIL PART 1: Deeside and the Cairngorms (3 days)

Moving from the east coast to west, you will discover Deeside & the Cairngorms where you can enjoy Scottish mountain biking at its very best. You will bike through old Caledonian pine forests, vast moorlands of heather, shimmering lochs and along pristine rivers full of wild salmon and trout. It's like pedalling into a fairy tale.

TRAIL PART 2: The West Highlands (1 day)

After a visit to Laggan Wolftrax, one of Scotland’s best mtb trail centres, you’ll continue your journey west to Fort William, at the foot of the mighty Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in Scotland. You will ride through open grass moorlands and remote glacial valleys which passes through the heart of the mountains.

TRAIL PART 3: Isle of Skye (1 day)

An adventure-filled boat transfer will take you to the Isle of Skye. A gem of an island, filled with dramatic Lord of the Ring-style landscapes. You will ride the Glen Sligachan route, a classic cross-country epic that slides between the red and black Cuillin mountain range, which rises up like a dark wave out the Atlantic Ocean.

TRAIL PART 4: Torridon Hills (2 days)

The journey ends at the Torridon Hills. The combination of sea and mountain gives this area more than a passing resemblance to the Norwegian fjords, while its sugar-coated peaks could have been excavated straight out of Yosemite. Challenging climbs to the high Torridon plateaus are combined with singletracks that bring you right back to sea level.

This trip includes an excellent selection of local fine dining, so get ready for a mouthwatering selection of salmon, beef, lamb, grouse, wild game and whisky. Every evening you can relive the day’s excitement at our carefully-choosen three- or four-star lodgings. All hotels on this trip contain a cosy Scottish pub, and there’s even an award-winning whisky bar amongst the pack.

Are you the next Braveheart?

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