The seven kasbahs trail


Morocco is the perfect destination to expand your biking horizons. Just ask the makers of the popular web series ‘Mojo Trail Diaries’: they picked Morocco as one of the best spots for mountain bikers to “spread their wings and try something new”.

See the real Morocco in grand style on our luxury kasbah tour. Over eight, sun-drenched days, you will see hundreds of beautiful kasbahs (the name refers to both ancient fortress towns and single buildings) while cycling over cliffs, canyons, desert plains and palm oases. Our unique Beyond Biking route links up three of the most spectacular areas in Morocco: the kasbah-lined valleys at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains; the black volcanic rock of Jebel Sahro; and the lush green oasis of the Drâa Valley.

You will stay in seven, captivating kasbahs. Most of them will have a swimming pool so that you can relax after a long day of cycling. Better still, a professional soigneur will be on-hand to provide post-ride massage therapy, so you can bounce out of bed each day with fresh legs, ready to attack the day. The trip ends with a visit to one of the world’s most enchanting cities, Marrakesh. Just immerse yourself in the stark beauty of Morocco’s ever-changing landscape and enjoy the ride of your life.


TRAIL PART 1: Riding the Verdant Gorges at the foothills of the Altas mountains (3 days)

Ounila, Dades and El Hot Valley are amongst the best preserved verdant gorges in Marocco, lying beneath ochre canyons. Bike along some of the most striking fortresses in Morocoo, with snow-capped mountains on one side and desert landscapes on the other.

TRAIL PART 2: Crossing the volcanic mountains of Jebel Sahro (1 day)

With its fascinating mix of black volcanic rocky pinnacles, lunar-like plateaux, deep gorges and abandoned kasbahs, biking in Jebel Sahro is an extraordinary experience for bikers who prefer the road less travelled.

TRAIL PART 3: Winding through the palm oasis at the Drâa Valley (2 days)

Ride from the edge of the Sahara desert along the Draa river on a landscape of splendid kasbahs and palm trees. This ride will take you through these charming villages, carved out of the cliff-face, and along the palm-lined Draa river. Expect, a warm welcome from the locals, where veiled women and high-fiving kids will wave you along.

After burning off all those calories cycling, get ready to eat well! You’ll enjoy meals freshly-prepared by our Berber support crew who will visit local markets daily in order to cook you authentic Moroccan tagines, charcoal-grilled meats and vegetable couscous. We want you to experience the real Morroco in 360°.

The last days of the ‘Seven Kasbah Trail’ and the ‘Original Amazigh’ trail are similar. But while our Original Amazigh Trail brings you deep in the remote parts of the High Atlas, crossing six mountain passes, the Seven Kasbah Trail is based mainly in the foothills of the M’Goun mountain range. So, while the Seven Kasbah Trail still requires a good level of fitness, the Original Amazigh Trail is a real challenge.


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