Canary Islands

The Three-Island Shortbike Trail


Lonely Planet says “Looming volcanoes, prehistoric sites, lush pine forests, lunar landscapes, sandy coves and miles of Sahara-style dunes. Yes, there is another world beyond the Canaries seafront resorts.”

This ‘Three-Island’ Shortbike Beyond Biking trip includes riding in La Graciosa, Lanzarote, and North Fuerteventura, all in the space of 4 biking days. These Islands are within easy ferry hopping distance. Each island is a completely different world, and adventure, in itself. While tiny La Graciosa looks like a Bounty Island, Lanzarote feels like being on planet Mars, parts of Fuerteventura ressemble Morrocco. This Beyond Biking journey will give you a bit of a taste of everything the ‘real’ Canary Islands has to offer. Once you leave the resorts behind, you'll find a cactus-spiked canvas of black lava, red-ochre desert, flame-coloured mountains, and sugar-cube villages untouched by time.


La Graciosa (1 day)

Disconnect, reconnect, and look around you. This is the Canary Isle that tourism forgot. La Graciosa is a tiny desert island made up of empty golden beaches and volcanic cones. There are no surfaced roads on the island, so miles of off-road bliss awaits.

Lanzarote (2 days)

Lanzarote is surreal – landing on the moon. Lanzarote is black deserts and white houses; soaring volcanoes and sweeping sandy beaches. It’s bleak and beautiful, stark and stunning. Relativiely undiscovered, its dried lava fields and lofty trails offer perfect conditions for mountain biking.

North Fuerteventura (1 day)

Fuerteventura lies just 100km from Morocco, and there are striking similarities with the scenery : rolling, desert landscapes, breathtaking white-sand beaches, and volcanoes that resemble piles of saffron, chilli and coriander. The most amazing colors you'll ever see. For tourists, mountain biking still feels fairly ‘new’ on Fuerte, although locals have been doing it for years -MTB events like FUDENAS are held anually.

Get ready to live the Canarian way, surrounded by nature and silence, largely untouched by tourism. Here at Beyond Biking, we know all the best local hotspots, from sleepy hillside villages to offbeat coastal towns with the laid-back vibe. We’ll treat you with best foodie experience on the islands, from farmhouse restaurants that dot the island interiors, to freshly-caught and simply grilled fish at one of the waterfront restaurants. Hopping from island to island to experience their individual flavours is a truly unique bike experience.


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