Canary Islands

The Three-Island Shortbike Trail

trail part 1: La Graciosa

La Graciosa is described by the Guardian as “the Canary isle that tourism forgot”.


The trail

Situated just 2km north of Lanzarote is the islet of La Graciosa. With a population of just 700 people and not a single tarmac road in sight, La Graciosa is the very definition of the phrase ‘hidden gem’. It’s only 27 km² but this tiny desert island, made up of empty golden beaches and volcanic peaks, has National Park status.

You’ll forget about the world from the minute you arrive on La Graciosa, where miles of off-road bliss awaits. Our Beyond Biking tour begins in the sleepy fishing village of Caleta del Sebo where the start-to-finish spectacular scenery commences. Expect white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, kaleidascopic volcanoes, arches hewn out of lava flows and amazing ocean views. We’ll peddle north to Montaña Bermeja, where a steep path climb eventually yields all-encompassing views across the island, and then you’ll descend to one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches on earth: Playa de las Conchas. You’ll probably won’t be able to resist taking a dip in its turquoise blue waters after working up a sweat on your bike. Your ride of the island will end where it started – in Caleta del Sebo – where you can sample some of the outstanding fresh seafood on offer. We particularly recommend the vieja, or parrotfish – a local speciality.

This first day and overnight stay in La Graciosa will give you a great sense of escape. After recharging your batteries with a good night’s sleep, you will wake up with a stunning view of the majestic cliffs of Famara on the north-west coast of Lanzarote. What better way to start your day?

Riding surface

Although La Graciosa is mostly flat, it’s no walk in the park – expect soft-packed, sandy trails.

Average mileage

Our circuit around La Graciosa is around 35km with 375m of elevation gain – all on unpaved, sandy trails. But we’ll start slowly with a light introductory day of cycling before taking on the more demanding stages.


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