The original amazigh trail


The former Cycling Magazine CycloSprint (now featured an article about this trip and described it as "a discovery of the real Morocco while biking over challenging and ever-changing terrain. A different kind of mountainbiking : heart-warming, pure and inspiring."

Moroccan Berbers call themselves the Amazigh, meaning “free people”. This incredible seven-day biking tour will not only give you a taste of true freedom, but you will also experience traditional Berber hospitality and the area’s dramatically diverse landscape, via a series of long climbs and easy-rolling descents. As the country’s indigenous inhabitants, a large number of Amazigh still live in southern Morocco, an area offering 350 kilometres of unforgettable biking between the High Atlas mountains and the gateway to the Sahara desert. Follow in their nomdic footsteps in four stunning locations: the steep mountain passes of the High Atlas; the copper-coloured rock canyons of the Dadès Valley; the monochrome volcanic moonscape of Jebel Sahro; and the lush green oasis of Drâa Valley.

With seven mountain passes to conquer, this tour goes high and deep into the Atlas Mountains, providing a real challenge. We know your legs will be tired after a long day of cycling; that's why you'll get a professional sports massage every evening, so that you can wake up feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead.


TRAIL PART 1: Tackling High Atlas mountain passes (4 days)

With six mountain passes over 2500 metres, this tour goes high and deep into the Atlas Mountains, providing a real challenge. Throughout history, Amazigh warriors succesfully resisted Roman, Arabic and French invasion, not to mention the central power of the Moroccan sultans. They were really never conquered. Let their fighting spirit help you conquer these mountains – and join the locals for a cup of sweet, mint tea to spur you on.

TRAIL PART 2: Riding around the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs (1 day)

Bike around the colourful Dadès Valley area, where a myriad of spectacular kasbahs line the route, before sweeping into rusty orange canyons and green oases.

TRAIL PART 3: Crossing the volcanic mountains of Jebel Sahro (1 day)

With its fascinating mix of black volcanic rocky pinnacles, lunar-like plateaux, deep gorges and abandoned kasbahs, biking in Jebel Sahro is an extraordinary experience for bikers who prefer the road less travelled.

TRAIL PART 4: Winding through the palm oasis at the Drâa Valley (1 day)

Ride from the edge of the Sahara desert along the Draa river on a landscape of splendid kasbahs and palm trees. This ride will take you through these charming villages, carved out of the cliff-face, and along the palm-lined Draa river. Expect, a warm welcome from the locals, where veiled women and high-fiving kids will wave you along.

You will have the opportunity to indulge in Morocco’s world-famous cuisine while staying in beautiful handpicked kasbahs (ancient forts which used to house ruling sheiks and kings), riads and traditional Amazigh guesthouses. Not only will you stay in old palaces but you will eat like a king, too. The Berber crew that accompanies the tour will buy daily fresh ingredients before preparing everything from mouthwatering tagines to charcoal-grilled lamb to vegetable couscous. This Beyond Biking trip is truly Amazigh!

The last days of the ‘Seven Kasbah Trail’ and the ‘Original Amazigh’ trail are similar. But while our Original Amazigh Trail brings you deep in the remote parts of the High Atlas, crossing six mountain passes, the Seven Kasbah Trail is based mainly in the foothills of the M’Goun mountain range. So, while the Seven Kasbah Trail still requires a good level of fitness, the Original Amazigh Trail is a real challenge.


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