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Rated one of the best mountain biking trails in Iceland


The trail

Reykjadalur, which literally translates as ‘steam valley’, is a geothermal area of wide renown. Your biking adventure begins in the Marardalur and Reykjadalur valleys, both of which are a part of Hengill, an active volcano which last erupted over 2000 years ago. Biking through the narrow Valley of Horses, as Marardalur is sometimes know, is an unforgettable journey. Previously a cattle fold, this narrow canyon – enclosed by cliffs on all sides – is a breathtaking natural phenomenon. From there we’ll head to Reykjadalur valley, passing the geothermal power plant of Hellisheiði on the way. You will take what is known as the 1000 Rivers Road, aptly named given all the rivers you’ll cross before reaching the mystic hot springs of Reykjadalur. Combining rolling hills and mossy lava fields with hot springs, bubbling mud pots and steaming fumaroles, single track terrain doesn’t get any more fun than this. We’ll spend the night at the small village of Hveragerði where you can relax in one of the open-air hot springs.

Riding surface

The action-packed trails of Marardalur and Reykjadalur are perfect for the adventurous biker, combining one of the best single tracks in Iceland with eqaully outstanding landscape. The single tracks are a mixture of sheep tracks and hiking paths, some of which have been widened by horse riding. Elsewhere, you will find tarmac and 4×4 trails.

Average distance

Moderate physical difficulty with an average distance of 52km (33mi).

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