The Atlas Mountains offer a typically warm, dry and sunny climate that makes them a good year-round destination. But we offer this trip from April to May, and September to October, when perfect temperatures are combined with spring blooms and autumnal beauty.

In spring and autumn, days are warm (16-25°C in the High Atlas, 22-32°C in Jebel Sahro and Drâa Valley), with clear skies and sunshine. The nights, however, are cooler (8-18°C). The contrasting colours are most remarkable in spring, when the almond trees are in bloom, the fields are abundant, and the snow-capped mountains are visible in the distance. Autumnal sunlight brings the browns and reds of the peaks to life. Perfect for an adventurous but warm getaway. Rain is very rare.

However, please note that mountains can make their own weather. As a result, ocassionally we are forced to amend part of the itinerary, particularly on days that involve river crossings. Although unusual, there is also the possibility of much colder.

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