The trail

Leaving from the Hrossatungur mountain hut, there will be a full day of adventure, starting with a few river crossings at the Skaftá River, a short pass through some wetland and a technical descent to the Skaftárdalur Farm. We will cycle through the mouth of the yawning Eldgjá volcanic fissure before climbing 220 metres to take in its spectacular northern views. Follwoing that, we’ll take the long downhill run, over to Lake Blautulón, and over to the our lodgings for the night, the Skælingar hut which is situated in the middle of some outstanding lava sculptures.

On day two, you follow a pleasant track along the Skaftá River and the Eldgjá fissure which stretches 60 km south to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier but the view from the track makes the long climb worthwhile. On our way to the next stop, we’ll ride through the Instagram-ready Mælifellstindur mountain range where the tracks are very diverse. From the fast descent to Álftavatnskrókar, there’s a compact mud track through a green valley, a low mountain pass, and a river crossing over the Hólmsá.

Riding surface

Trails vary from gravelly 4×4 roads and single tracks to wetland, but it is mostly gently rolling. There are some challenging but invigorating river crossings and wetland sections, and one technical descent near the River Skaftá.

Average distance

This trail covers 60 to 65 kilometres (37-40 miles) each day.

Officially recognized travel agency

VVR registration nr. 9733