One week,
hundreds of miles,
a thousand unforgettable memories.

Welcome to Beyond Biking, home to some of the most spectacular mountain bike adventure tours in the world. As our name suggests, here at Beyond Biking we know how to design a trip with just one goal in mind: to take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Beyond unique

Beyond Biking itineraries are carefully designed so that you can experience as much epic riding as we can possibly pack into seven to ten days. At the same time, our unique 3-in-1 itineraries combine (at least) three completely different biking landscapes. Contrast is key so prepare to cycle through a variety of breathtakingly diverse landscapes and terrains. Who else would take you along cliffside coastal trails, rugged mountain pathways and ancient forests in the space of one week? It’s the perfect way to expand your biking horizons.
Every element of Beyond Biking’s tours have been tried, tested and carefully selected by experts to guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience. Take our Utah trip, for instance. You will you ride along the four most famous loops in the south-west – Fruita, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Or our Scotland tour, which adds an otherwordly spin to a coast-to-coast classic by including the Lord of the Rings-style landscapes of the Isle of Skye and the coastal trails of the Torridon Mountains in the itinerary. Add to the first-class cycling the art of foodpairing, and you have the essence Beyond Biking: incredible biking, incredible landscapes and incredible food and accommodation.

Beyond food and accommodation

Here at Beyond Biking we know there’s more to a mountain bike holiday than the cycling, so we’ll make sure that where you sleep and what you eat is an integral part of the Beyond experience. We don’t just want you to see the local culture – we want you to live it and taste it, so expect top cuisine with a local touch. A crew of Berber chefs will prepare local classics with fresh ingredients in Morocco; in Arizona, you will discover the native heritage of New Mexican cuisine; in Scotland you’ll be indulged with everything from freshly-caught salmon to haggis; and you won’t leave Iceland without having the opportunity to try local delicacies such as sheep’s head or hákarl (fermented shark meat).
Wherever you lay your head, rest assured that five-star views and local charm, far away from the maddening tourist crowds, will be the order of the day. Our handpicked accommodation ranges from high-end desert lodges to local Berber guesthouses; from Wild West ranches to scenic campsites. our Seven Kasbah Trail in Morocco deserves as special mention, as seven hand-picked lodgings of exceptional quality will be on offer in truly remarkable locations. As befitting a trip that combines days of taxing but exhilarating biking, every Beyond Biking tour ends with the possibility of world-class pampering at a luxury city centre spa hotel. If you’ve spent the week absorbing all the good energy of the great outdoors, a night out in exotic Marrakech, party central Las Vegas or hip Reykjavik is a good time to use it.

Beyond trails

Beyond Biking tours are adventure holidays for sporty people. Although newcomers to mountain biking are welcome, a good level of fitness is required. You will be cycling for four to six hours every day through undulating, and at times, mountainous terrain. You will cover distances of between 40 to 60 kilometres per day, some times more. All cyclists – from regular road cyclists to mountain biking pros –will be able to experience the pleasure of discovering new worlds on two wheels.
Overall, Beyond Biking trails are designed for mountain bikers of average ability who love perfectly graded climbs and the thrill of long flowing descents. Some of the single tracks may be technical in places, so prepare for the occasional challenge. But 90 percent are off-road and off-the-beaten track, designed for technically easy and moderate cross-country mountain biking with unforgettable views.

Beyond touring

Regardless of the country or location, all Beyond Biking itineraries are custom-built with local operators and tailor-made according to our distinct philosophy. We only work with carefully-vetted certified, local partners, all of which come recommended by some of the biggest names in mountain biking, such as Singletrack Magazine, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Outside Travel Magazine, International Mountainbike Magazine, BikeRadar and Bike Magazine. All our tours are led by fully-qualified guides who combine local expertise with first-rate mountain biking skills. Beyond Biking guides are all certified bike mechanics who can also help you improve your bike handling skills. And there’s another plus – riding with a local not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best trails and visit an area’s best kept secrets, but it also allows you to leave the tourist trail and truly interact with local people. So whether you visit the volcanic landscapes of Iceland, the moonscapes of Morocco or the cactus-strewn landscapes of Arizona, we’ll make sure that your off-road trip is completely out of the ordinary.

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