A Desert by the sea

An authentic sea of golden sand emerges where it is least expected – right on the ocean shore. The sand originated from coral reefs crushed into golden grains of limestone thousands of years ago. The present ocean dragged them to the shore and ultimately wind amassed them into dunes. The area was declared a natural reserve in 1987.

From the heart of the dunes, the stunning views of the island’s mountainous interior are terrific and the adjacent hustle and bustle in the neighbouring resorts is all but forgotten. A handful of secluded dune areas are popular with naturists. If you don’t mind bumping into all the nude people, it’s a great walk – 12 kilometres of sandy beach stretching all the way from Maspalomas to Playa Del Ingles. Just don’t forget to stop for an ice cold beer at the end.

Maspalomas continues to be the perfect place to unwind, enjoy the sea or simply while away the hours sunbathing. The warm, crystal-clear waters make this an unforgettable end to your Beyond Biking trip.

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