The trail

Just 1.5 hours from Rome, the protected Sirente-Velino Regional Park is the rarest of beauties. The park contains the dramatic limestone mountain twin peaks of Monte Velino (2424m) and Monte Sirente (2348m), the third and fourth highest mountains in the Apennines, respectively. Characterised by deep gorges, high altitude grasslands and centuries-old oak and beech forests, the whole area is teeming with wildlife, rare flora and fauna, as well as unique ancient Roman towns.

You will bike through the Rocche Plateau, which is flanked by the imposing Sirente and Velino massifs, before crossing the karst plateaus of Piani di Pezza, Altopiano delle Rocche, Piano di Campo Felice, Piano del Sirente and Piano di Iano. During spring, expect nothing but amazing, blooming wildflowers.

During your Sirente-Velino trip, you will also be able to climb to the Sebastiani Mountain Hut (which was once owned by the Rome section of the Club Alpino Italiano) at 2102m. A ride through the splendid mountain basin of Valle d’Arano and the 600m Celano Gorge (the most spectacular canyon in all of Abruzzo), will also deliver some unforgettable views.

Sirente-Velino, which was one of the first national parks in Europe, is a territory rich in history. You will bike through several ‘pagliare’ (charming, abandoned mountain villages), such as Fagnano, Fontecchio and Tione degli Abruzzi. The area is also teeming with wildlife. You’ll find wolves, bears, golden eagles and griffon vultures, as well as the rare but protected Apennine chamois, lanner falcon and the Mariscan brown bear.

Riding surface

The park has a network of 300km of trails (Ippovia), purpose built for horse riding, walking and mountain biking.

Average mileage

Sirente-Velino has an extensive, connected trail system, so we can make your ride as long or as short as you like, depending on the demands of the group.

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