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As well as Lonely Planet picking the Vipava Valley as one of its 2018 Best in Europe tourist destinations, the esteemed travel guide also advised that “the valley is best explored on two wheels”.


The trail

Often described as Slovenia’s answer to Tuscany, every hill in Goriška Brda seems to be topped with a large church surrounded by a charming little village, while the hillsides and valleys in between are blanketed with vineyards, orchards and winding country roads. After a short traverse of the Goriška Brda region, you will enter the town of Nova Gorica near to the Italian border and a gateway to the Karst region, a land of limestone table mountains.

The term ‘karst’ actually originates in south-western Slovenia’s Karst Plateau, where vast swathes of huge slabs of limestone are dotted with underground rivers, gorges and caves. The scenic Vipava Valley, surrounded by the Trnovo and Nanos plateaus on one side and the Vipavska Brda hills on the other, is an unforgettable playground for cycling adventures. You will ride on the mountain plateau above the Vipava Valley with amazing views of nearly half of Slovenia, and a maze of tracks and single trails. You will hardly meet anyone else on your way, which is unbelievable considering the number of exciting bike routes hiding among the steep slopes and forests, under rocky overhangs and hillsides, or making their way along the mountain ridges.

Our first destination will be the unspoilt Trnovo Forest Karst Plateau. Smoothly ascending to the Mala Lazna mountain pass at 1100m, the birch forest slowly gives way to pine trees as you approach towards the foothills of Mount Golaki, which – at 1495m – is the highest mountain of the Trnovo Plateau. Reaching the edge of the Šentviška Gora plateau, you can go off the beaten path to Sinji vrh, where you will be handsomely rewarded with a view of the whole Vipava Valley, the Karst Plateau and the Adriatic Sea. With numerous remote downhill trails providing an array of options, all you need to do is decide which one suits you best. Either way it will be singletrack fun all the way down.

The super-fit can go the extra mile and climb up to the Nanos Karst Plateau which separates the Slovenian mainland from the sea. Its stunning summit – Pleša – makes Nanos the most recognisable mountain in this part of Slovenia. This tour of Nanos will take you up to the highest point at Suhi vrh (1170m), which offers views of Mount Triglav and the Adriatic sea. The grassy slopes, beautiful views and rocky trails really make this area a paradise for mountain bikers, as well as all others interested in outdoor sports.

Riding surface

Well-plotted trails are suited to all types of mountain biking all year round. Challenges are found on the steep slopes and surprise-filled plateaus above the valley. The interconnectivity of the paths and single trails allows for so many different options and tours that can be adapted any time to suit every type of rider and bike.

Average mileage

For the Midweek Brda & Karst rides, we allways make your ride as long or as short (and as soft or hard) as you like, lots of that on singletrack.


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