We offer this trip from April to mid-June, and from mid-September to the end of October. Spring is an amazing time to go, as is October when the trees start to change colour.

Prepare to be surprised – not only by the trails, but also by the mild climate. Obviously, Spanish Utah offers a typical hot desert climate with little rain and high temeprature fluctuations between day and night. As for the Spanish Pyrenees, climatically it’s drier than the Franch side of the same mountain range. And the Pre-Pyrenees mountains are also dry with a Mediterranean climate. The Basque Country is wetter, and correspondingly greener as the mountains roll down to the Atlantic Ocean, catching the weather that rolls in from there. Luckily, the cool ocean breeze does a superb job of taking the worst of the sun.

Note: until the mid-May, Ordessa may be inaccesible because of possible snow. During that period, we may need to replace this day of the trip with something different.

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