Like food and wine connoisseurs, big wave surfers have been flocking to the Basque Coast for years, but mountain bikers? Not so much. However, with sun, sea, mountains, forests and fantastic single tracks in abundance, what more could a discerning mountain bike holidaymaker want?

Your ride starts in Doneztebe, the best spot to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Baztán Valley. From there you will ride all the way to the Bay of Biscay, to Hondarribia, one of the Basque Country’s most charming towns (even more so because it is packed with so many amazing restaurants). You will tackle some big mountains and plenty of fast-rolling trails on the lower foothills. You will ride the Senorio De Betriz nature reserve and next, the Peñas de Aia nature reserve, also called Aiako Harria. These little gems are dotted with megalithic monuments, wide forests and single tracks – not to mention, spectacular bike scenery. Delight in the stunning views of the coast, with Txingudi Bay in the foreground, while southwards, a landscape of summits and passes along the boundary with Navarre awaits.

For your final ride, we will take you along the stunning ‘All Along the Watchtowers’ route, which follows the rocky coast of the Bay of Biscay. This ancient military path connects various old signal towers used during years of conflict. This well-worn path hugs the coast as the cliffs rise and fall into the many inlets and bays, making for some superb bike riding. The entire trial is one big photo op. Ending your ride, after the off-road climb of Mount Jaizkibel, you will find yourself rolling onto the beach in San Sebastián for pinxtos (Basque-style tapas) and beer.

There’s something truly special about the sun, the cool Atlantic breeze and the Basque way of life. Trust us, and try it for yourself.


Basque dirt feels soft yet grippy beneath your wheels. Even when wet, the trails are completely rideable. Senorio De Betriz and Peñas de Aia serves perfect forest single tracks. The trails lining the sea are much like the crestline trails – sandy but fast-flowing and just technical enough to be exciting.


Your ride to Hondarribia is around 60km with 1400 meters elevation gain. Expect to do some carrying on the approach to the mountain top, but the stunning views and fun downhills more than justify the challenge. On your final day, you will follow the rugged coastline for more than 35km of mountain biking bliss past cows, goats and wild horses. Alternating between descents and short, punchy climbs, the elevation gain is 1500m.

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