The Sierra de Guara is a mountain massif in Huesca, the most northerly province in the autonomous community of Aragón. With its impressive limestone summits, canyons and gorges, the Sierra de Guara is a top destination for outdoor adventure seekers. Officially recognised as the birthplace of canyoning, the erosive force of its rivers, along with the wind and rain, have carved out the limestone massif over millions of years, giving rise to a set of gorges, unique in Europe, famed for their beauty, number and density.

Local guides recommend this beautiful, undeveloped area for top mountain biking. The ancient trails between the forgotten medieval villages, hidden rivers and soaring canyons of the Sierra are now a well-preserved natural biker paradise, known only by local riders. Please note, there will be plenty of opportunity to stop for a swim at one of the area’s freshwater springs.

We hesitated to share this gem, but those looking for a real adventure off-the-beaten-track deserve to know about the protected spaces here. Our guides know this area inside out and even helped clear and build some of the trails that we will ride. Don’t expect big crowds of riders. This is the most thinly populated and under-developed region of Spain’s Pyrenean foothills. It may be considered Spain’s forgotten region but this is one biking holiday that you will never forget.


Gently rolling terrain, where rivers have carved deep canyons, resulting in sandstone paths and slickrock trails. There is lots of variety in the technicality of the trails, and if you are prepared to push your limits you will find that increased speed is rewarded with increased flow.


Overall expect 55km and 1500m elevation gain for our basic program, this for both days. We can arrange technicity, distance and elevation according to your ability. There are a million bike options there and we know most of them.

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