Although both spring and autumn have their own charm, late spring is the best time to visit if you want to see the flowers and trees in bloom. Snow can fall as early as October or as late as April. November is a good month to avoid, since it is Abruzzo’s wettest and foggiest month.

The spring period brings pastel-coloured fields with red and purple flowers. Between May and July, the landscape is a textural riot with every imaginable petal and blossom open to announce the start of the warm weather softening the existing starkness of the mountains from where the snow has melted. Your nose will be filled with the sweet aroma of budding plants, and there is not a single moment where the blossoming peaks – just a succession of cherry blossoms followed by daffodils, poppies, violets, gentianellas, lentils and other species.

October is enchanting with its multicoloured beech woods and its suggestive snow-covered landscapes. Also in October, you can admire the saffron plains of Navelli in blossom.

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